Help Protect Against RSV

Learn more about participating in a clinical trial for a potential vaccine to prevent respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection. By participating in this trial, you could potentially change the future of RSV.

What is RSV?

RSV is a common respiratory virus that infects the
lungs and breathing passages. It is the second leading
cause of significant respiratory tract illnesses in adults,
behind only influenza (flu).1
177,000 hospitalizations
14,000 deaths
are caused by RSV in the U.S. annually in those over the age of 65.2
There are currently no approved treatments or vaccines for RSV.

About the ConquerRSV Trial

The purpose of this clinical trial is to assess the safety of an investigational vaccine (a vaccine not yet approved by a country’s drug regulatory agency) aimed at preventing RSV infection in women and men over 60.

About Moderna’s Investigational

Moderna is studying mRNA-1345, an investigational vaccine, to understand whether it can help your body’s immune system protect against RSV.

Normally, vaccines for viruses are made from a weakened or inactive version of the virus. However, mRNA-1345 is different. The mRNA-1345 vaccine is a messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine. This mRNA is entirely made in a laboratory and instructs your body to make small pieces of proteins.

In this case, the vaccine contains the mRNA code for the RSV glycoprotein F, which does not cause RSV infection but helps the body’s immune system recognize and protect itself if it encounters the virus. You cannot become infected with RSV from receiving the investigational vaccine.

Who Can Join the ConquerRSV Trial?

This clinical trial is looking for adult volunteers. To join, you must be:

  • 80 years of age or older

  • In good health
    • Certain chronic diseases such as heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may be permissible

  • Primarily responsible for self-care (do not require a caretaker)

The clinical trial staff will explain additional trial requirements and can answer any questions you may have.

Clinical trial volunteers have the right to stop participating in the trial at any time and do not have to give a reason. Insurance is not needed to join this clinical trial. Compensation for your time may be provided.

What to Expect

The total length of participation in this clinical trial is approximately 2 years (25 months). It includes up to 8 trial visits and 20 brief communications (via telephone, email, or text message). You may have the option for some of the trial visits to be completed at home with a mobile health provider or through a video visit. Your trial doctor will discuss these options with you.

  • Clinical trial volunteers will have a screening visit to check whether they are eligible to participate. If they are eligible and choose to participate, they will have 7 more trial visits over the next 2 years

  • Clinical trial participants will be given one injection in the upper arm

  • Each clinical trial participant has a 50% chance of receiving the investigational vaccine and a 50% chance of receiving the placebo—like flipping a coin
    • A placebo does not contain any active ingredients

Your participation could contribute to a new potential vaccine for RSV.
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